not much to say…

trying to keep everyone fed, clean and slightly happy, it’s a big task.
housework? hah. i do a 20 minute run around like a crazy woman stashing things and picking up the actual garbage and whatnot before brady gets home from work. this is not in my schedule written up in my google documents, not at all.
after all day nursing marathons, preschoolers screaming and destroying everything in sight (and otherwise) and attempting to cook and tidy up, i don’t have the energy to think, let alone blog. then it’s nurse all nite long and “wake up” to do it all again.
never really awake, and never really asleep.
i’ll figure this out, i really will. it just takes a bit of tweaking and adjusting.

in other news, i weighed the baby yesterday- he’s up to 9 pounds! 2 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks! pretty stoked about that.

well, it’s breakfast time. violette wants popsicles.


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