stories and prompts. (i so don’t want to forget!)

violette just brought a doll to me, said “gowndma, say hi to flower!” apparently i’m a grandmother at 23.

theodore is already trying to roll over, he obviously doesn’t understand that he our last baby. therefore, he needs to stay tiny for quite a bit longer. he has been nursing since about 9 this morning, nearly non-stop! we’ve taken breaks for diaper changes & water refills, i love it. also, today, the little mister looks like matt damon. weird!

the girls have been spending a lot of time coloring & making “sticker pages”. they had a successful tea party with all their friends earlier, pictures to come 🙂

emma just headed to the kitchen to make lunch, she has a plastic egg & a crocheted cookie.

wednesday nite the lovely sara c. had a “meet theodore” party. it was great fun and good to see old and new friends and introduce theodore to his 405 folks. (hah!)

on the music front, today is a sufjan stevens and wilco kind of day.


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