all you need is love. (& a little bollywood?)

we’re having some difficulties with clashing personalities over here. as in, emma and i basically have the same personality. and we clash. thanks to an unexpected visit from grammy, we made amends and she is now napping.

note to self: next time remember to breathe in, and breathe out… she is 4… is she hungry? sleepy? angry? lonely? feeling jealous?

and then i feel so.very.guilty for letting her get to me, and then making snappy comments to her. i am an adult, she is a child. who is expected to keep calm?

how do i remember to stay centered and loving? and when i do slip up, how can i be kind to myself and let it go after it’s dealt with?

now i know why ariel gore refers to this as “the mother trip”.


the whole 3’s thing is pretty weird… ed mcmahon, farrah, and mj.

but come on, folks die every day. i get it, these folks are special. famous. celebrities. but i’m more concerned with all the people who won’t make it til dinner time because they don’t have food or clean water. let’s do something about that. (and did we all forget that MJ went totally kooks? and ya know, that whole little boy thing?) maybe there is a death cab sentiment for everything: “a bastard in life, thus a bastard in death“.

i love my husband. seriously. i’ve been thinking a lot about this encouragement thing. and while i’ve always recognized how hard he works and how much he loves me, i’m just really digging it right now. wanna see something cute? sure you do.


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