i like to tell jokes. (or jokes, it might be a a soft j.)

why was 6 afraid of 7? because 7 ate 9.
happy 07/08/09 folks!

thinking about how multi-facted happiness is… first off, are humans even designed to be happy? and how often to you have to be happy to have a happy life? like, if i’m happy on tuesday-friday, but a grouch saturday-monday, am i happy or not?

and some folks, like myself, don’t really show HAPPINESS! like with the bubbles and sparkles and all. i’m pretty serious and heavy most of the time (read: nearly “wet blanket”), but i’m happy on the inside, so does that count?

and does happiness equal contentment? or can you be happy while still striving to be more, expect more, live more… blah blah blah.

and what about the people that have what i like to call the “chronic unhappies”? these people are fanatical about not being happy. (in my limited experience, though, i’ve found that most of the people like this are insanely self-absorped and ungrateful for the things they DO have.)

is happiness really just a choice? perspective? can you buy it?

john lennon says happiness is a warm gun, a quick google search tells me happiness is “like a butterfly”, “a journey”, and “the lord”. helen keller says happines is attained “through fidelity to a worthy purpose”. epicurus said “tranquility and rationality are the cornerstones of happiness“… does anyone really know? isn’t happiness a bit more individualized and specific?

oh, so many questions. what makes you happy?


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