violette anne turns 3.

happy birthday, sweet violette.

our family’s jester, your ornery streak is quite a bit more than just a streak. you make us laugh on an hourly basis. this year brought your first joke: “MY MOM’S A TORTILLA!!!!!” screeched loud and proud, because we all know you do not have an “inside voice”.

you are our cuddly one, and the only baby i have that will go to sleep at a decent hour. (thank you for that, by the way!)

right now, you are big into your dollhouses, cooking and eating. but you have always, and probably always will be, big into eating. there have been very few foods that you haven’t liked, but your favorite is pocky, hands down.

i’m very excited to see what happens this year, and how you change and grow up. i’m very glad that you chose me as your mama, and i hope to always treat you with the love and respect you deserve. (even when you’re screaming about the wrong colored cup with the wrong colored straw!)


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