lack of sleep and the weekend.

in the spirit of still adjusting to a new person in our home, we’re trying to figure out a workable bedtime routine. last nite was a total flop, and i ended up having my “alone mama time” with a curious, chattering 4 year old. i was working on my puzzle, and after about an hour of her incessant talking, i said “emma, i’m trying to relax.” and she replied with “are you trying to relax from your angryness?” then we all burst out laughing and great fun was had.

saturday nite i was asking her why she hated going to bed so much and she said “because i have no sleep enjoyness!”. there’s that. (and i thorougly enjoy her take on the english language.)

who ever would have thought the 4 year old would be keeping me up, and the 7 week old would sleep through the nite? what the hecksie doodles.

we had a fun weekend, sunday we went on an “adventure”. we went to the park, to play with mammy’s dogs, and to the pizza parlor! (yes, my kids call mazzio’s the pizza parlor.)

while we were at mom’s, i picked up the puzzle i’m working on. my sister had told me awhile back that this particular puzzle was missing a piece, but for some reason that didn’t bother me. however, brady was pretty flabbergasted by the whole thing. which got me thinking about process vs. product and whether i’ve actually crossed the threshold into process > product? because i’ve been aiming for that a long time. to enjoy the journey instead of worrying about the outcome.

here we are 🙂


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