a skoche chilly.

it’s nice and foggy and dewy this morning, chilly enough for a light sweater, at least near the window. (perhaps i should turn off the A.C.)

hoodie weather is getting closer. (in reality, 2 months away… but i’m easily excited.) hoodie weather has great meaning for me personally. i fell in love with brady the first cool nite in 2002, october 13th. brady and i made our first home together in tulsa the fall of 2003, it was simple and beautiful and cold, we spent many chilly evenings out on our balcony, wrapped up in blankets. i got pregnant with emma in august 2004, and spent all of that hoodie season daydreaming and preparing to become a mother. late last summer, i desperately wanted a baby, the last baby, my chance to do things just right… all the things i needed to do. cloth diaper from birth, breastfeed until he was ready to wean, basically implement the knowledge i acquired after having the girls. (i know this is not logical, and i’m going to be learning when i’m 50, hopefully i won’t have the desire to procreate then!) theodore welcome was conceived on september 2, 2008, at the first hint of hoodie weather.

yet, while fall is nostalgic and sentimental, i anticipate many exciting more years of autumn. now, off to find my hoodie of choice for this year. (and hope it’s not in the 100’s tomorrow.)


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