birthdays galore!

today is my baby brother’s birthday. except he’s turning 18 and not a baby at all. i have a habit of telling my siblings they are all my favorite, something i learned from my mama. and they really are all my favorite for different reasons. jed is my favorite because he makes me giggle with his hilarious sense of humor, and because he has awesome hair 🙂 and because he has such a sweet and sensitive heart. so happy birthday, jed, i hope you recognize how special you are to all of us.

today is also our nieces birthday party, a big yearly event. they’ve got water slides and all kinds of fun stuff, so the girls are pretty excited. and i’m excited because cheri has taken pictures of our family the past 2 years, so i’m hoping to get some cute shots of all of us. i don’t think we even have a photo of all of us together with theodore!

if you are the praying kind, please remember my papa today. he is doing the funeral for the baby in the story i posted thursday. it’s going to be a hard day for him, i’m sure. he could use all the thoughts and prayers you could spare, as well as the family involved. i’ve been praying peace, mercy, and compassion towards them all.

i hope everyone has a wonderful today, what are your weekend plans?


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