friday nite was super fun, save for the bizarre crowd. how can you stand still while the psalters and mewithoutyou are playing? so silly. brady pointed out you can’t dance when you have fancy cameras and phones on your person, obviously. mewithoutyou is the best, though. i seriously wanted to put them in my pocket and bring them home. well played and inspired music, hurray! their sufi vibe is pretty good, too. 🙂

speaking of sufi, i’m reading a fabulous book on the subject: the sufis. well, it’s taking me quite some time to finish as i don’t have the same kind of allotted reading time as i used to. but i’m getting through it! and every page is totally resonating.

confession: i’m a heavily active participant in marginalia. i underline, write in the margins, edit, what have you. and i’m loving this sufi book so much, well, basically the whole book is underlined.

is there anything better than tracking a package? i think not. i have several books on the way, and i’m obsessively refreshing. (the creative family and the handmade home, both by amanda soule)

well, i’m off to set my timer and work on my bedroom. the flylady and i are on again.

happy monday, friends. beautiful day to you all!


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