what is it?

it’s the feeling of laying in bed, surrounded by my sweet little family; it’s the first cup of coffee in the a.m.; it’s cardigans; it’s the edge of autumnal crisp in late august evenings and early august mornings.; it’s rain; it’s little weedy flowers strewn all over the house; it’s pictures colored by preschoolers hung up every where imaginable; it’s new bags sewn; it’s planning projects; it’s spending time with the family i was born into; it’s real & composed music; it’s the first hug&kiss attack when daddy is home from work; it’s suppertime, listing our thankfuls and talking about our days; it’s emma saying “clume” for climbed; it’s the way violette wants to be tucked in with “flower” every nite; it’s theodore’s precious, chunky, slobbery smile; it’s my husband’s devotion and love for me; it’s every tree, rock, flower, & blade of grass; it’s the sky, the sun, the stars, the moon; it’s the ocean, it’s the desert; it’s you, it’s me. it’s the divine.


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