as of late…

i’ve been feeling very creative and domestic lately, it’s quite exciting. my brother hung up a clothesline for me, i’ve been wanting one for ages. it’s a nice little break, going out to hang up and take down the clothes, a little pocket of time to breathe and just be. and it’s nice have fresh smelling clothes, and no more button burns! (our dryer is the most HOT dryer ever, which is nice when you’re in a hurry, but holy moly metal buttons can get quite burny!)

i’ve also been sewing a lot: a purse for myself, bedtime bags for the girls, a clothespin bag, a felt block for the baby, and on today’s agenda is a camera strap and perhaps pillowcase dresses for the girls. the only downside is burning through my sewing notions quite rapidly!

emma has been writing her letters and numbers very well, lately she’s been making up words. today she’s changed her name to “ohib” and she’s writing it on everything. the other day she got down one of our bird books and drew a bird and copied down the word “bird”, so precious.

violette’s latest thing is sorting granny squares by color. she will play by herself for hours, making stacks and arranging lovely towers and castles.

theodore is trying very hard to roll over, he gets to his side successfully, but getting that crazy arm out of the way is quite a hassle for him. poor little bunny is having a hard day today, he’s very sleepy but refusing to sleep. it doesn’t help that his sisters think he needs his music box started as soon as he falls asleep!

well, it’s quiet time for now, off to get the girls settled in their room and the sewing machine out 🙂


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