8 things – past lives and alter egos.

this is my first 8 things post, so i’m kind of excited. this week’s topic is past lives and alter egos. i fancy myself multi-faceted enough to embody all of the following:

1. mary poppins.
2. children’s librarian.
3. 1950’s housewife.
4. a crazy, bohemian, hermit writer surrounded by composition notebooks, classic literature and tons of highliters in every color.
5. holocaust survivor. i don’t know if i believe in past lives, but i know for sure that there is something to this. i remember having these extremely vivid nightmares as a tiny girl, and not having the words to explain them. and then when i learned about the holocaust and saw photos and heard stories, i knew that’s what i’d been dreaming about for so long.
6. buddhist monk.
7. simone weil.
8. a zoologist.


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