blogging & narcissism & why.

while washing the dishes today- (i always have the best thoughts and conversations with myself and the divine while washing the dishes) i found myself thinking about blogging, and how it seems like such a tribute to ones self, writing all of these thoughts out for the world, as if anyone really wants to read my personal thoughts? and then i started wondering why do i have this blog? what are my intentions with it? because i certainly don’t need something in my life that could add to my self diagnosed delusions of grandeur. and it was going downhill fast, almost to the point where i break out with the figurative flogging…

and then i stopped the self deprecating attitude and the false piety, and thought… i blog because i enjoy it. because it’s a way to communicate and share stories and have a ‘snapshot’ of my day and what i’m feeling at any particular time. and because it’s fun. because it’s different from my “analog” journal, where i work out my mental kinks and spiritual crises, this is my place to be positive and peaceful.

so, there’s that.

admittedly, it’s a bit difficult for me, putting stuff OUT THERE.. i’m quite a private gal. and to be honest- it feels a bit immodest, what with all the pictures and ‘frivolous’ lists and links. (i am such a snobbish prude. seriously, i am!) i don’t even know where i’m going with all of this. i think it’s bed time.

but i’m curious to see, if you have a blog, why is it that you blog? and if you don’t, why not? any reason in particular? the internet fascinates me.

oh, & by the way! you should watch this:


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