lovey day!

Align Center

7 years ago today i went to a show. and at this show, there was a certain boy i’d had my eye on. and he said “hi lauren”, apparently several times. and since he has always spoken very quietly, i didn’t hear him. thankfully, a friend said “hey lauren! i think brady is trying to tell you something”… and i perked up considerably and thought “BRADY?! WHERE?!” and i looked up and saw him. and there was this thing, this electric, magnetic, knowing thing. and from that point onward, we were lovies.

we sat on the steps of a beautiful church and talked about big things, little things, everything. we knew that we were inseparable, the new robert and elizabeth barret browning.

and in the last 7 years, we’ve changed, grown up, gotten married, had babies, and watched our family blossom. but what hasn’t changed is the fact that we are always have been and always will be lovies.

i’m now in love with a man, a strong, loving, kind and gracious man. a blue collar working class hero, at the same time a bohemian writer beat poet hippie.

and i know that we were created with the other in mind, and that we are 2 pieces that fit together in the giant puzzle of the universe.

and i know that we will live out our days in peace and joy, and we will always be together.

and i know that when it’s time, i will follow him into the dark.


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