spring cleaning and balance.

i woke up this morning with a deep motivation for spring cleaning. i’m ready for open windows, the scent of freshly laundered cotton, & sunshine.

and instead of doing the normal effie routine of attacking cleaning head on: pulling out all of the contents in every cabinet in one day, getting frustrated & giving up by 4pm, i am going to try something different.

i’m going to pace myself and recognize that i am the mother of three small children! my default response of fierce determination and stubbornness to complete a task does not typically allow for making “snack plates”, kissing boo-boos, cleaning up spills, refereeing fights or comforting after a tumble. being an extreme gal, i’ve tended to give up on big projects since theodore has been here, since i can’t complete them in a way i want to.

and that’s not right either! so, today i’m going to try this new thing, and find balance.

balance has been popping up all over my life lately, and it’s crucial. there must be a middle path, & i’m going to find it. i’m determined to do so 🙂


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