dear emma.

dear emma marie,

today you are five years old! we have already had a lovely morning of telephone calls full of birthday wishes, choosing outfits, and discussing scrambled eggs. i told you the story of when you were born, and we giggled and snuggled. you told me your ideas for what we should do today, it’s not an “emma day” without a list and a plan. we’ve decided on hatching your sea monkeys, planting flower seeds, playing paper dolls, painting our fingernails, playing memory, and making “mud” pie. you’ve chosen chicken, rice, broccoli and carrots for dinner, with mud pie for dessert. i cannot believe how quickly the last five years has gone by, and yet it’s like you’ve been in our lives forever. at times, i can’t remember life before you! for five years you have been my constant companion, a little shadow, my little pal. you have taught me many things: patience, joy, and most of all, how to love completely. you have a piece of my heart, forever in yours.

your fifth year was full of adventures and fun! theodore joined our family, and it has been a joy to witness you becoming a big sister again, and how much you love to help. i can’t wait to see where the next year takes us, and what new things you will discover and learn. your curiosity is a gift, sweet bear. you are the loveliest little person, and it is such a treat to be your mama. i love you to kathmandu and back.

love, mama.


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