where i’ve been, where i’m going.

the latest goings on (in addition to the regular diaper changing, feeding, cleaning, and teaching routine): reading– i have so much to learn; hours of bingo, old maid, go fish, checkers; being outside: gardening, hide and seek, running and rescuing the little plants from theodore’s firm grasp; writing in the journal, ignoring the growing pains; music: beatles, ferraby lionheart, avett brothers, keith green, the welcome wagon, and sufjan stevens; spending time with my siblings and parents; making lists; taking pictures of it all.

where i’m headed: the past few months i’ve really dug in and tried to ignore the outside world as best as possible – never good in the long run, but it’s oh so nice in the duration. however, it is time to come out of the cave: planning dinner parties and fun festivities.

the children are doing fantastic. the weather has been so nice, they nearly live in the backyard. the girls planted a row of zinnias (thank you, gigi!) and assorted wildflowers, it’s been quite a treat to watch their excitement as the little sprouts pop up. theodore is a walking boy now, teetering and toddling around. also, he is the most affectionate baby. can you believe he will be 1 in a few weeks? i certainly can’t.

i am coming back to this space, i need it. i need to feel some evidence of my creativity, and this provides an archive of sorts. it is difficult for me to put myself out here, privacy being paramount. alas, here i am.


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