gratitude & inspiration for this day.

grateful for:

-zucchini bread for breakfast
-‘presents’ wrapped in dish towels
-kind e-mails/text messages from friends and family
-theodore’s hair
-the 50mm lens
-chicken & noodles + mashed potatoes and their healing properties
-the reminder of how small we actually are from the force and magnitude of spring storms
-using fresh herbs & salad greens from the garden
-the motivation to create: something beautiful will be made, by me, today!

3 thoughts on “gratitude & inspiration for this day.

  1. I only dream of taking pictures like that bottom left one. It’s amazing.
    & yea chicken noodles with mashed potatoes..I could seriously eat it for every meal.

    • oh i know- you should go view it large on flickr, it is AMAZING.
      you wouldn’t believe the amount of mashed potatoes i ate last nite, it was vulgar and completely delicious!!

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