birthday wrap-up.

monday nite, brady and i stayed up until midnite and he was the first person to wish me a happy birthday. seconds after he kissed me and dashed to bed, my cell phone started buzzing with birthday wishes from my siblings, and the house phone rang, i answered to hear my mama singing happy birthday 🙂 i went to bed feeling so loved and happy.

i woke up to many messages and notes and phone calls from friends and family, i don’t think i’ve ever had such a response to my birthday in all my life! they continued through the day, and let me tell you, i was overwhelmed with love!

my sister brought me cupcakes and flowers.

i finished up project 365 by taking my last self-portrait of the set.

mom and dad took the girls out shopping for my birthday gift, and returned with patchouli incense from craig’s (!!!) and twizzlers! i’m spoiled rotten!

my brothers came by and we watched movies and ate lasagna and laughed a lot.

the mailman brought a great card from the cunninghams:

my sweet husband brought home chinese food for dinner, and we sat around snuggling and watching basketball til bedtime.

it was a fantastic birthday, and i am blessed beyond belief.


6 thoughts on “birthday wrap-up.

    • you do not suck 🙂 plus the visual of you bursting in my front door with the ukulele and singing at the top of your lungs- totally better than a card ❤

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