it has been- egg salad sandwiches & strawberries; dickens & the brontes; fleet foxes & the finches; gilmore girls – season 5; alice waters & french cooking; tumpty & tilly; finding my religion & searching for tradition; kathmandu memories & momo cravings; doilies & tablecloths; frozen custard & the park; late nites & early mornings; giggles & deep conversation; e-mails & g-chat; new t-shirts & old diapers; so many laughs & so many cuddles; aggravating phases & hope for emerging; breathing & yoga; peace & homey chaos; in short: my life is beautiful.

what are you eating for dinner tonite? we’re having spaghetti, french bread, and spinach salad. delicious food has become my new habit. peaches, chicken breasts & honey, in particular.

i feel a shift coming on: a new phase, exiting my cocoon. it is thrilling.


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