a few things.


upon awakening, from a very bad dream,
panic and hysteria and heart pounding nonsense
i see a tangle of bedsheets and blankets
(and even a rip in the elastic,
the fitted is no longer quite so fitting)
it is dark, everything is fuzzy.
i remember details, some vivid.
some no more than an impression of terror.
this place, between awake and asleep
between real and imagined
this is where angels and demons play.


is it simply a build-up of black bile, after all?
tender melancholia, you’ve arrived.
i missed the announcement…
(a mystery, subtle & elusive, clues
illogical at best, cruel.)
please, hand me a sweater & don’t open the blinds.


darkness will not last
longer than the nite.
fear, you will not hold my thoughts
or my tongue
the scales are tipped
in the favor of
goodness, beauty, and love.
fear, you may linger
in the fright of 3am
but i know that the sun-
ambassador of all things true-
is circling around and when she arrives
you will dissipate,
revealing yourself as the false smoky vapor you are.


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