right now…

i am nursing baby to sleep, listening to the girls “go to sleep” on their bed, giggling and whispering, lovey is sleeping on the couch and i am wired. i just completed a 3 room cleaning spree, and i feel the best kind of worn out.

i am waiting for the girl’s to really fall asleep, so i can drink coffee and watch gilmore girls and not have any little friends exclaiming each character’s name as soon as they are on screen. as adorable as it is, it is not relaxing 🙂

i am thinking about taking pictures, and finding it ironic and amusing that the favorite pictures i’ve taken are of bugs. i really, really enjoy getting a good bug shot. and i really, really don’t like bugs.

finished knitting this sweater on sunday, it’s quite unflattering on me, i think. a shame, because it is a pretty sweater.

“pink cookies” make me squeal with delight. lovey brought me home some on the 4th of july, and i was in heaven. he always makes me swoon ❤ ❤ ❤

my sister has started a sweet treat baking business, check it out: Oh Happy Cakes!

watching the world cup has been fun, i’m almost sad to see it end. but excited about the game, go netherlands! it all reminds me of when we went to kathmandu in ’02, and we stopped in seoul. the games were held there that year so the whole place was chaotic with excitement. and we even got to fly with the team from turkey! (very nice guys, too!)

i was a few weeks from being 16, and beyond happy to be there ❤

been digging lots of new tunes and connecting with new folks. i’ve had several folks proposition me for knitted items, so i’m excited about that. i think i may finally be getting to the place where i can introduce some kind of extra “thing” such as an etsy. but i’m not going to get ahead of myself 🙂

i think that’s all for tonite, the house has gone quiet, and i am alone.


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