gratitude and whatnot:

-super nintendo! we bought one off ebay and it got here yesterday. mario and donkey kong, whoo-hoo!! emma is fascinated by it, and also refers to bowser as “slarzo.”

-tonite marks the first shabbat dinner in our home, i am so excited. challah, candles, doilies and prayers. i can’t wait!

-studying the proverbs 31 woman, this is a really great blog post on the subject.

-i really like this picture, mama took it yesterday.

-evidently violette woke up in the middle of the nite last nite and instead of coming up to our bed like she typically would, she got the “berenstein bears and the bad dream” off her shelf and read it til she fell asleep.

well now i am off to tidy and focus (and drink some coffee.)


3 thoughts on “listy.

  1. That sounds fun that you are going to have shabbat at your house. I have been to Shabbat in Bangkok at a place called Chabad house which is a meeting place for any Jewish people but it is usually mostly Israelis. It is right across from one of our hotels we stay at in Bangkok and their Shabbat meal is free. I went there with a Jewish couple on one of my trips. Many Israeli’s do their mandatory military service and get a lump sum of money when they finish and they usually go traveling after that. A lot of them go to India, Nepal, and Thailand. So they have setup these Chabad houses all over the world to kind of minister to the traveling kids who often do lots of drugs and crazy stuff when they get out of the military. Anyway I thought the shabbat was a very nice tradition they have.

    • wow, that’s really neat. my mom has been really into jewish culture since i was little, so she’s had shabbat dinners off and on since i was about 10 or so. (i think? haha i’m too old to remember any specifics) but i have been studying the sabbath a lot lately, and i feel like it’s ridiculously important for the spiritual and physical well being of humans to rest on the only day God declared as holy.

  2. Thank you for letting me visit with you and the kids. The visits are always much to short, aren’t they? Your home is lovely, and the kids are so lovable.!! I always leave so thankful for such healthy and adorable grandkids. Until next time….GiGi

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