oh lovely days.

i can feel summer withdrawing, i sense it in the breeze. the little whispers of fall are stirring, the leaves are preparing for the descent to ground: the pinnacle of their short little lives.

this time is not for looking ahead to pumpkins, soup, cardigans or knitting. no, it’s a time for searching for the last remnants of summer: spider webs gleaming in the sunset, the coldest ice water sipped slowly on the porch, bare shoulders and my baby wearing simply a diaper.

school starts on monday, a big change. we’ve played and learned in our way for five years, and now we embark on a new journey together. we are following the charlotte mason tradition, and focusing heavily on reading. it has been a treat to prepare for this adventure, not that one can ever feel equipped to teach, parent or even live, yet i feel calm and confident. i have a peace that this is what we are meant to do, and the divine is guiding me through it, inspiring and teaching me.

my love and i went on a sweet little date last nite, finished up shopping for school and visited half price books- the scent of old books sends me into the throes of ecstasy- the textures and illustrations, oh, my. i can barely contain the squeals of joy i feel rising in my chest when i hold a very, very old book. (we bought several. a beautiful copy of “leaves of grass” & some other treasures.) is it wrong to have up to 6 copies of the same book? probably. i’ll keep telling myself it’s for my friends to borrow when they visit. surely. (and nothing to do with a possible cover art fetish.)

i am out of words for the moment, it’s a lovely friday. the children are resting, i am headed to the kitchen to start challah.

shabbat shalom!


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