yesterday was a good day, a full day. a day of inspiration and getting things done, at least in the creative sense. as i was rocking the baby down for his nap & spending a bit of time in prayer, i asked the divine to give me something to show for the day, something to share with my friends and loved ones. and oh my, did i ever get something to show. it’s certainly not my typical style of writing, and to be honest – i am hesitant to share. i did not edit, because i don’t feel i can edit the words that i don’t believe came from me. without further adieu:

The Christian wife and mother

If a christian wife and mother’s first earthly priority is not her family, and if that priority does not come strictly from an overflow of love in her heart, there is something amiss. The wife and mother is created to nurture and provide love, comfort, peace and stability. The maternal vibe should be one of selflessness, tender encouragement, acceptance and above all, compassion.

When operating in the Spirit throughout her daily life, the once overwhelming and seemingly unbearable trials of caring for little ones – peanut butter smeared couches, whiny temper tantrums and obstinate strikes- these are minimized to an almost unbelievable fraction.

When viewed through the lens of love, and with an aim to restore and maintain peace, the yoke of motherhood becomes a light and joyful gift to bear. Every chore transformed to an act of love and devotion for one’s family and home. The idea of “time for oneself” becomes nearly obsolete when participating in the divine experience of a family whose mechanics are smoothly oiled with the anointing from the Holy Spirit.

Surrounded by women of faith, who too are prompted and guided by the Great Divine, one feels encouraged and a part of the tribe of mothers who understand. to borrow a phrase from the late charlotte mason, mother culture automatically blossoms in groups of mothers where christ is truly the center.

As for the deep love of one’s husband: when the fruits of the spirit are modeled between spouses, children will mimic and rarely stray from the deep respect and desire for right and pure actions. The romance and hearts turned towards each other is apparent to all, and a beautiful picture of God and his love for his bride, the church.

When families are in tune and under the direction of Christ, this love can be spread out to extended families, then on to neighbors and friends, and then on to unimaginable lengths! But it must be remembered this love must start at home and work outward, or it means nothing more than clanging cymbals and sounding brass.


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