my siblings

a friend posted some blog prompts, and i snatched a few for myself as i am in need of a few new ideas!

my siblings, oh, this subject is tucked away in my heart. sometimes i feel like my siblings are such a part of me that it’s hard to separate us. we are a strong and deeply connected collective, our unique individuality making the corporate strand of “siblings” that much tighter knit.

i am the oldest of five. i have always loved being the oldest, and being the self-appointed troupe leader. i have a memory of when we lived in arcadia, a 30 minute drive from civilization and 5 acres that stretched for miles and miles in my child’s mind. we were on a “nature walk”, and i was in the lead, with each kid behind me, save for jacob as he was still a baby. i remember so vividly making up completely asinine “facts” about trees, butterflies, quail and sincerely passing on my knowledge to my siblings, who were listening with rapt attention. we fancied ourselves the boxcar children, and spent hours playing outside in our various forts and treehouses.  in fact, there is not a memory i have before the age of 10 without one of my siblings involved.

jonathan, or jonnie is the next in line. he is 16 months younger than me, and was my best friend from the time his life began. i honestly cannot remember living without him being around. we have made horrific fashion choices together, made beautiful music and some really awful junk in the pop-punk phase, we’ve had several “bands”, and share an immense appreciation for harry potter. jonnie makes me laugh so hard that i snort, and double over, slapping my leg. jonnie is 6’7, and hugging him makes me feel really small, in a good way.

and then there is whitney, my only sister. she is about 3 years younger than me and has been at once, the closest to understanding me completely yet the one person i’ve fought with most in my life. we are almost the same in some regards, and polar opposites in others. we have learned many things together, and from each other. as we age and mature, we are coming closer each day. whitney is a strong and determined woman, the hardest worker. i admire her desire and efforts to create change in our city, and the world. she cares deeply about many issues and acts on her feelings, instead of sitting back and wishing and praying for good things to happen.

jedidiah samuel is 5 years behind me. i recall his birth (at home!),  and one particular instance of not getting to help give him his first bath as my cousin from california was visiting, and mom let her help instead of me! i remember running and curling up on my bed, crying my heart out. didn’t they understand he was ours?! looking back, i laugh at my child-self and how much i wanted to help, and how deeply it hurt not to feel a part. (and no matter how much we change, some things stay the same.) jed is a quiet guy, very wise and insightful. he has just started his first year of college, he’s playing basketball and going to classes and it’s so amazing to see him as an adult. i’ve spent so much of my life viewing him as a child, that it’s a new and exciting adventure to have conversations and share ideas and interact on a new level.

jacob is the baby, i was nearly 8 when he was born, and what a joy he was and is! he was our little “doll”, from day one. we would dress him up, carry him everywhere (well past when he should have been walking) and try to teach him to say words quite early. jacob is the sweetest little guy, though calling him a little guy is a bit ridiculous and he grew larger than me several years back. i still think of him as 10 from time to time, and have to shake my brain into realizing that he is 16, and about to start driving a vehicle!

it’s such a joy and wonder to witness all of us, standing on our own yet still as close as ever. i am so grateful to have such a close bond with my siblings, and i know that there is nothing any one of us could do to lessen our love for each other. i only hope my children have the same bond with one another, that grows and strengthens each day.


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