a few things…

violette has finally built up the confidence and courage to write her name. it’s been a long time coming, and i’m so stoked!(the picture is of “a person, just holding so many balls.”

today has been interesting, it’s going to get better. i have a lot on my plate at the moment and i know i should have more grace with myself. and remembering the fact that i don’t have to complete each and every menial task i encounter with extreme precision and perfection.

off to cook supper, tidy up and hope the babies will go down easy and early for bed tonite.


6 thoughts on “a few things…

  1. Hi Effie,
    Can you email this pic of Violette’s writing to me. For some reason, it won’t come up on my ‘puter.

  2. i like the way she writes her “T” s and the picture looked like a very cute roly poly bug i would like to hug (but not too hard:). just love that kid.

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