my parents

(mom and dad, 1985)

on the subject of my parents, where to begin? it is difficult to articulate one’s feelings and attitudes towards the beings from which one came.

my parents have been married for almost 25 years, their anniversary is about a week after brady and i celebrate ours. my mom is, save for brady, my closest friend and confidant. my dad rarely fails to make me laugh and/or rile me up, usually both.

it is so interesting, and at times even awkward, to know that most of my thoughts, attitudes, ideas and opinions come directly from thoughts, attitudes, ideas and opinions passed down from them via genetics and years of learning from their triumphs and mistakes.

it is comforting to know that they will always love me and welcome me, i will never have to knock on the door at the house on n.w. 24th street. even after our darkest period: months of not speaking, after hateful words, anger and extreme hurt on both sides, my brand new husband and i were asked to stay for dinner and to sit on the couch talking for hours about what had transpired in the meantime.

my parents have taught me that love and grace are key, and they’ve shown me that laughing and being together can get you through nearly any situation. they are not perfect, and i am not perfect. sure, we disagree on some points, but all of that melts away when we’re sitting around the living room, talking and laughing and sharing stories over a cup of coffee or a box of granola bars.

i am indebted to my parents for raising me to think for myself, to buck the norm, and to act on my feelings. i am thankful that my mom shared her immense love of reading and learning, and that my dad passed on his clever, yet subtle, way with wordplay and punnery. i know without a doubt my, at times, too sensitive and big heart came from a perfect marriage of their sensitivities, kindness, and willingness to help anyone, anywhere.

i love seeing my parents as grandparents, and watching them interact with my little ones with wonder and awe. their compliments on our parenting mean so much to me. it’s so sweet that my kids know bumpy always has time for a willy the worm story, and mammy will usually have some form of treat.

sometimes i wish i could express my gratitude towards them, but i know there are no words. my parents gave me life, shaped me into the person i am today and while the road was not a smooth one to the place we are now, we have a lot of great stories and memories to share.


3 thoughts on “my parents

  1. I love this! So sweet!! I wish I could say the same for my parents. You are very lucky to have such incerdible people raise you. I love Randy and Gina, wish they were my children’s grandparents so they would have some. 🙂

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