profile: violette anne.

violette the pilot, today she is 4 years and 2 months old. she likes to play with her pet shop animals, dollhouse and toy kitchen. she is intrigued with the idea of baking, and will jump at the chance to cook with mama. she is a cuddle bug, but only when she wants to. asking for a hug when she’s involved in a game will only result in a) being ignored, or b) “NO!, i’m playing by myself!”, followed by a sneer that words cannot accurately describe.

vi adores order and organization, wanting everything in it’s place and lined up just so. she loves reading and learning, always asking questions and then replying with “weeeeell, huh.” she is very creative, you can find her with the art box nestled in her closet or at the dining room table drawing pictures of “persons” and animals. she is a perfectionist to the extreme, and if her picture is not 100% accurate in her mind, she will grunt, ball up the paper and emphatically throw it on the floor. she is also a fantastic story-teller, and will make up tales of grand proportions, with little to no conflict.

vi is terrifically sensitive, and once wound up for a fit, it’s nearly impossible to placate her. it’s always the most ordinary responses that can untangle her from her crying, though. for instance, a few days ago she wanted a particular cup for her water, and i couldn’t find it. i had given her several cups to choose from, and she was inconsolable that we could not find her cup. so we rocked and rocked and i sang, while silently begging the divine to impart some kind of wisdom to help this poor girl. i pointed out that water will taste the same in whichever cup it’s in, so perhaps she could try to drink out the green cup instead of the pink. she perked right up and said “oh, yea!” and was fine the rest of the day.

violette is a comedienne, in the grandest sense of the word. her jokes are truly funny, and she just gets it. she understands people, their motives and intentions, and has a hard time with any kind of injustice. she sees right through any kind of slick business, and will reject anyone who she feels is false or insincere. she is however, the most loyal of friends, and once she has decided to let you in, you are in for good.

vi likes rules and has the sweetest heart to listen and obey, even when she’s the only one acting right. she will admonish her siblings for not listening to daddy or mama, and then point out that she is acting so very sweet.

violette is such a joy and delight and i am enjoying this particular phase immensely.


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