nablopomo and menu plans.

in keeping up with all the cool kids, i am posting my menu plan for the week:

monday-meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn                                                                           tuesday- spaghetti + french bread                                                                                                     wednesday – brinner (pancakes or omelettes, game-time decision)                               thursday – red beans and rice one pot dish + chapatis                                                                  friday – lasagna + challah +  ‘effie’ salad (spinach + cubed mozz. + halved boiled eggs) saturday – pizza                                                                                                                        sunday – popcorn + snackies

it’s november- which means nanowrimo/nablopomo, i cannot commit to 50,000 words at this point, but i can aim for a blog post every day. not that i will succeed (hi, september!) but i will try my darndest!

halloween was fun, pictures coming soon.

at the moment, my brother has all 3 children occupied with designing a house on autocad. this is amusing me immensely.

time for tidying up and cooking lunch.

have a beautiful and blessed day, okay?


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