i am not the best at accomplishing goals i’ve set 🙂 it’s my mischievous streak coming through, if i feel i “must” do something, i don’t want to anymore. therefore, no nablopomo.

just popping on while the kids are still sleeping- we are taking a family wide break from the computer. the girls want to watch shows far more than we are comfortable with. i realized i spend far too much time on the computer, modeling improper behavior. so we’ve stepped back.

not to worry- i am checking my e-mail and staying in contact with everyone, but it might not be as prompt a response as i typically send out!

i’ve been reading andrew murray’s “raising your children for christ”, this timeless book is resonating with me on so many levels. a few excerpts that have pierced my heart:

“the art of education is to bring pleasure and duty into harmony. both may be attained without the sacrifice of either.”

“this is the principle which lies at the root of all true education: what i am to make my child to be, i must first be myself. being an example is more than rules and teaching. what i am and do is more than what i tell him to be or do.”

“parental instruction must come from the heart. we all know that instruction has little influence on children when given by an apathetic teacher. it is only the heart that captures the heart of another. it is the loving warmth of interest and affection of the teacher that awakens corresponding emotions in the heart of the pupil.”

“when the work of instructing a child becomes a burden, you may be sure it is an indication of something wrong within your own heart.”

today my prayer is to see all through Jesus’ eyes…to love folks with Jesus’ heart. and to follow the promptings of the Spirit, when i am shying away from a place of love and into a place of selfishness.


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