what is time?

yesterday was the ‘anniversary’ of the most awful day of my life. my mantra in the days and weeks that followed was “someday it will be ten years from now”. yesterday marked ten years, and i cried. i cried for my younger self at the time: scared, confused, hurt, and feeling like no there was no one hearing or believing her. i cried for brokenness of families and the hurt of so many others just like me. i cried happy tears, happy because ten years down the road is beautiful, full of love and goodness. i cried because the grace of God is a tangible, real and very rich thing. and i cried because it is finished.


6 thoughts on “what is time?

  1. You are so brave. Your resilience and compassion reflect God’s wonderful work in you! Your gift of words is inspiring. Thank you for sharing! I love you and I’m so proud that you are not only my niece, but also my sister and friend. Your beauty shines!!

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