some things i love this morning.

+ the weather right now! having the windows open and the curtains swaying in the breeze, delightful.

+ me and teddy’s morning cuddles and giggles before anyone else is up. how he says ‘mommmm’ and crawls in my lap, kisses my cheek, makes silly noises and giggles his head off.

+ joy! and music that releases joy and laughter

+ me and my brother’s x-files marathon

+ that i’m finally off of coffee and on tea.

+ funny dreams that have me laughing when i wake up.

+ pots & pans as drums, and the boisterous concerts the littles have been putting on.

+ google reader and all the inspiration from the blogs i follow.

+ establishing our housekeeping routine & waking up to a tidy house!

+ every new day, every new mercy.


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