far too long.

and here we are, i did not post on our birthdays or about vacation. nor how we’ve been summering so sweetly. i’ve neglected sharing little anecdotes and funny new words my little’s have invented. (sminch – can either be used to describe a small amount of food, “may i have a sminch of your cookie? or an act of violence between small siblings. “mama!!!! teddy sminched my arm!”.)

and here we are, three weeks from the start of a new school year. a change of season and rhythm and pace for our clan.

our summer has been glorious: birthdays, swimming, long naps, movie-watching, and always the Spirit’s leading and prompting. yes, it’s hot. hotter than usual, but we adapt. and we are thankful for air conditioning and melons and lots of water.

a new adventure: driving! i got my learner’s permit (again, at 25!) and have been practicing. i will take the driving test in the middle of august, and then i will be a traveling gypsy. my parent’s have generously and graciously blessed me (and brady+my brothers all!) with a new car. my pretty purple minivan needs a name. suggestions?

the children are well. emma is into drawing, big projects, and ‘farming’ at the moment. violette, her pet shop animals and writing. theodore is a ball of energy, a “take-off”, as we have labelled him, as it’s never too long before he takes off running. they are excited about school, even theodore. this year, emma says she wants to learn spanish and chinese. violette is excited about reading and writing.

i am still overwhelmed with gratitude, thankful for so much. always learning, always wanting to know more. always in the secret place with the Divine, co-conspiring on how to bring JOY and all other good things to earth.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!


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