Christmas 2012


Dear friends and family,

Wishing each of you a happy holiday season, hoping it is rich in love and in joy.

2012 was a wonderful year for our little tribe.  We welcomed Harper into our family, had a successful first year of starting a business, and had lots of our typical Crandall clan adventures to the park and the zoo and having brunch on Sundays.

Brady and Effie celebrated ten years together in October. Brady continued building up Crandall Lawn and Tree and started refereeing basketball games for the winter. Effie stayed busy homeschooling the kids and attempting to keep some semblance of order in the home and family. There were a lot of dance parties, “ten minute tidy’s” and everyone learning how to make room for another little person here. We’ve learned a lot about forgiveness and making amends this year!

Emma is in second grade. She likes to draw pictures, listen to music, write stories and play with Barbies. Her favorite part of 2012 so far has been going to Amarillo for Thanksgiving. She has lost six teeth this year. This summer was fun because we went swimming and played outside in the hose. She looks forward to celebrating her favorite holiday: her birthday.

Violette is in first grade. She enjoys reading books, coloring pictures, working puzzles and holding Harper. She also likes her latin class and making art projects. Her favorite part of 2012 was riding a train and going to museums. She looks forward to turning seven and working on learning to cook for when she grows up to be a chef.

Theodore is three, he loves mischief and making people laugh. He is doing great learning how to be a big brother. He likes to play with trucks and dinosaurs and having adventures outside. He is learning his numbers and colors and letters, and likes to write his name. His favorite part of 2012 was holding Harper and taking baths. His plans for 2013 include having a birthday party and playing with his cousin Cadyn.

Harper Dell joined us July 30th. We chose “Harper” because it’s pretty, and “Dell” after my mama, whose middle name is also Dell. She is sweet, easy-going and very content. She loves her Daddy and grins whenever he walks in the room. She rolls over, laughs out loud, babbles frequently and loves to play with her sisters and brother.

We have decided to make 2013 the year of friendship. We want to learn how to connect with our family and friends on a more personal level and put into practice some of the beliefs we hold dear. So let us know when you’d like to come over for dinner, or feel free to invite our clan over anytime! (This goes for all of you.)

Merry Christmas! Much love and peace to you,
The Crandall Clan


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